Thursday, April 02, 2009


I'm starting to think that spinning is the natural "spin-off" of knitting. You use yarn, why not just make it too.

Well, I've been interested in spinning since I first heard about it which was long before I even had a blog or read other people's blogs but I didn't know any spinners. Then, I got into the blog community and Ravelry came along and pretty soon I was making friends in my new city. Friends who knit and even some who spun.

Long had I heard of the experienced spinners who gifted new spinners with fibers to try and maybe even supplies. Yesterday, I experienced it for myself. I went over to Kasha's and she gave me a drop spindle, one she didn't use anymore and some fiber along with a wonderful book about spinning and a lesson.

I may be addicted. Last night, I got home and spun some more while watching TV. I didn't even finish the roving I had in this color but I wanted to try plying so I made a little skein of yarn.

I told you it was little. It's not without it's issues. Some because I think I overspun it in some places and some because getting the hang of Navajo-plying isn't easy but I'm pretty sure that I'm completely and totally addicted.

Is it wrong to wish for a spinning wheel after only one day?

Can't talk more, spinning.

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