Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Finishing up

You probably thought you would come here and see beautiful pictures of my Aeolian. Hah! It isn't finished, not even close. I have barely touched it in the last week. I definitely want to, it's just that the few minutes I have had to knit have mostly been in the car so I've needed something a little more portable, i.e. no beads. I've just been working on socks that are already started so nothing new and exciting to report, sadly.

I have been very, very excited to keep spinning though as was obvious by my previous two posts. I decided last Friday because my cold was kicking my butt to just relax and do some spinning. I decided to split the leftover roving from my first spinning project, spin it all up and make a two-ply. I did it all that Friday. Whoo!

Then, I washed it like you're supposed to and I wound it up into a little ball.
Isn't it cute?

It's sitting there looking like REAL YARN isn't it!

Sorry, didn't mean to yell, I might be a teeny, tiny bit excited. I think it's about sportweight and I figured out I have about 36 yards. I think that might be enough to actually knit something with it. Just like real yarn! I have no idea what I would knit with 36 yards because that isn't that much, but something. My goal with this particular project was to work on making it more even throughout, not so many fat spots and skinny spots, for the most part, I succeeded, although there were a few spots that weren't quite right, it's improving and I'm loving it.

Okay, back to work and maybe I'll take a few minutes to work on Aeolian tonight. I sure would like to.

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