Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, so far, so good

So I've been working all morning on the Mystery Stole 3
I've made it through Chart A of Clue 1.
I did have the 4-row tink of doom (as my husband named it.) when I accidentally got lost on the pattern and had to fix it.
Things I have learned:
1. Homemade stitch markers, while cute and fun should be tightly sealed so they don't catch your beautiful yarn.
2. Beads on lace knitting are very pretty but kinda a pain in the arse.
3. Paying attention to the chart is extremely important and you shouldn't get distracted.
All in all, it's a good experience and so far, I'm not having too hard a time actually knitting it. I'm actually enjoying it a ton. It's so beautiful (doesn't really look like it's knotted dental floss) and I can't believe that I am actually making something this gorgeous.
More later.

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