Monday, July 16, 2007

New Project

So, I found my new project. It uses this:
What is it?
It's called Indie II from little knits.
It's Cashmere/silk laceweight. It is the most fabulous, soft beautiful yarn that I have ever had next to my skin.
What am I knitting with it?
I signed up before the deadling (July 6) and have just been waiting for the yarn to come in the mail. I have not mentioned it because I somehow felt that it wouldn't really happen. I somehow thought I wouldn't really be able to knit this really fun thing.
The truth, now that I have my yarn in hand (and the pattern printed off and ready to go) I am terrified. I am not exactly a novice lace knitter, but I am not an expert either and this fabulous, beautiful yarn that I hold in my hand (I haven't been able to put it down since I brought it home from the post office which makes it interesting to type) is extremely intimidating.
Like, a lot. I am afraid I am going to mess up horribly and create some ugly, nasty thing out of this beautiful yarn about the size of dental floss. Someone, I need some encouragement!
Tell me, it'll be okay, I'll do a decent job and not end up with one giant "Mystery Knot"
Thank you.

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