Friday, May 02, 2014

Finished Wingspan

My knitting time has been lacking lately but I did manage to sit down last night and finish the lovely Wingspan shawl. I was really nervous about having enough yarn to knit the 8th wedge and I almost, almost decided to go for the edging right away but I didn't.
I managed to finish that last wedge and knit two rows of edging, instead of the four or five the pattern calls for and then I had to make a decision, rip out all or part of the last wedge and use it to knit more edge rows, do a bindoff from the opposite end using a crochet hook, which wouldn't involve any ripping but would make a tight bindoff edge or some other crazy plan that I hadn't thought of yet.
I decided to do the crochet hook cast off, thinking that the edge could use a little stability since I was still seeing a few gaps from the short row turns. Ultimately, I love how it turned out. I'm glad it doesn't have too much pink edging on the blue areas and the tighter bindoff still gives me the stable edge I wanted.

I love the subtle transitions and how it almost looks purple in some areas where the blue and pink are twirled around each other.

The faux Cashmere is so soft and lovely that I would have no problem wrapping this lovely thing around my neck all day and all night. As you can see, the ends still need to be woven in and I will block it gently although I really don't think it needs any help, it looks lovely as it is. Despite what an easy knit it is, I didn't knit on it all over town either, I kept it at home almost exclusively, wanting to keep it away from the friend I'm considering gifting it to.
The best part? This is how much yarn is left.

Those few inches (plus the few inches of the blue tail) are all that remains, I didn't waste any of it! That makes me so happy, especially with special handspun like this.
So, here we go:
The Specs:
Pattern: Wingspan by Maylin Tri'Coterie Designs, the free version not the updated paid version
Needle: US Size 5 (3.75mm)
Yarn: Sparktickes Dyes Faux Cashmere in Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad Series) handspun 2-ply gradient
Notes: The yarn was spun in October and November of last year. The needle is a size larger than the original pattern calls for and really too big for the yarn weight but I wanted something soft and loose in this divine yarn, not too tight or firm. If I can bear to part with it, this will be a gift but I will definitely knit this pattern again!

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