Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spinning Haze

I'm sorry for the long absence dear readers, last week sort of got away from me. I took what was meant to be a quick trip to see family for Easter. It turned into several more days than I had anticipated and I sort of flamed out on re-entry when I did arrive home.
The trip was great, I got to spend lots of time with my 3 year old niece and a small amount of time with my nephews and other niece but it was exhausting running after small children when I am not used to it and I am still fighting the cold my darling husband lovingly shared with me so I definitely needed the rest I took when I came home. For a couple of days there I barely even touched my knitting or spinning, I was just too tired to pick it up!
Now I'm back and trying desperately to get back into the groove but the dreary April showers we have had the last few days aren't helping. It's just chilly and gray enough that I'd rather tuck myself into bed with a hot cup of tea and a good book than do anything useful. I have found myself looking longingly over at my spinning wheel lately though.
Right after I finished my last spinning project, I decided I wanted to spin something finer than frog's hair again. (I'm really not sure why I do this to myself, I'm so not patient when it comes to actually doing it but I love the idea.) I dug out a lovely braid of fiber that I knew would spin beautifully. Zarzuela's Fibers January 2012 club colorway. It's been marinating in the stash for quite awhile but I just didn't get into the right mindset to spin it until recently. It's a lovely 75% BFL and 25% Silk blend in lovely shaded pinks and purples called January Haze. I think it will make an amazing laceweight but of course it's taking some time to spin.

I think it would really take less time to spin it if I actually spent some time spinning too.

Here you can see how fine the singles are spun and also the lovely shine this fiber has. I can't wait until it's finished yarn. It will be so lovely.
Again, that means I actually need to work on spinning it though, instead of just looking longingly at it. I think it's the name getting to me, January Haze. I've fallen into a Spinning Haze. Maybe? Or maybe not. Either way, it's time to get to work and get some spinning done so I can enjoy the yarn.

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