Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hazy Lace

Tuesdays are for spinning and today is Tuesday, although with Memorial day yesterday (here in the United States at least), it really doesn't feel like it could be Tuesday at all. I did finish some lovely spinning I've been wanting to share though. The Zarzuela Fibers BFL/Silk in January Haze.
It started out as a lovely braid of pinky-purpley fiber with sections of gray. Absolutely beautiful but for some reason it just wasn't calling to me to spin. I wanted to spin something fine and lacy though and silk blends are so great for that so I decided to give it a try.
To be honest after I started it, this sat for several weeks just waiting to be spun because it didn't hold my interest. They're all colors I love but for some reason, they weren't colors I wanted to spin. I brought my lovely Schacht Matchless spinning wheel to Shepherd's Harvest this year though, with this braid on it and all the quiet time around fiber and fibery people encouraged me. I got moving on it and finished the first half of the braid. I even got a start on the second half.
Once I got home I found my love for spinning returning and I decided since I was on the second half, I might as well keep on spinning. I did and soon finished the second half of the braid. The next day (Yes, that's right, I actually waited overnight like recommended. Sometimes I can be responsible.) I plied it up. Hours and hours of plying later I had this;

A gorgeous braid of fiber. I'm a little disappointed in my yardage, 520 yards doesn't seem like a whole lot when I think about how much time I spent spinning it. Although a great deal of that time was spent ignoring it so maybe that shouldn't count.

It's lovely and shaded and skinny though and I can't wait to figure out what it would like to be knit into. I think it's going to be amazing.
It hasn't had a bath yet so it's possible it will plump up a bit too, making the yardage much more reasonable, but we'll see.
A lovely lacy yarn just in time for the heat to kick in. It's just warm enough that I want to knit light, lacy things right now. Maybe a hazy sort of lace. 

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Hattie Tavares said...

It's beautiful! I barely use my wheel these days cuz the cat likes to chew on it, I want to get a cover made for it so I can bring it back out and get spinning again...