Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skyp-ing Along

Projects have been going along pretty well. I worked on my Skyp socks a lot while I was down at my parents' house. I got it past the heel turn even. It's turning out pretty well so far. Although I haven't made much progress since I returned home.

I had a little trouble after the heel flap and turn while starting up the gussets because the pattern calls for you to stop 5 stitches before the end of round (for the size I'm making) before starting the heel flap and then when you start up after the turn, while picking up gusset stitches I wasn't at the correct part of the pattern to start the pattern as written. I'm not sure if the fault is with the pattern or me but I decided rather than ripping the heel flap back to figure it out (since that is my least favorite part of a sock) I would just fudge it and keep going. I was at my parents and couldn't look for errata but I wanted to just keep going.
Here's how the pattern looks.

It's really an interesting pattern and I'm loving the knit, very simple and quick.
I've also been doing a little bit of spinning. This month in the Knitgirllls group for Expand your Horizons it's Rambouillet. I happened to have some lovely Rambouillet in my stash so I decided to participate and spin some of it up.

Here's the braid I started with. It's from Cloudlover and it's just lovely. So soft and sproingy. I'm not sure why I hadn't spun this earlier but I really enjoyed spinning this lovely fiber.

I only spun about half of the fiber but I wanted to get it done so I could get back to my commissioned project. I'll have to get to the second 2 ounces later. Meanwhile, I finished this:

It's a little less than half of the 4-ounce braid and it's Navajo-plied. I absolutely adore it. It stayed soft and sproingy and when washed, it puffed up a little but not a ton. Now the truly amazing part.

Less than 2 ounces, 3-plied in a Navajo-Ply and it's...wait for it....358 yards!!!!
Sorry about the excessive use of exclamation points but I'm very excited about this yarn. Of course there are a few thicker and a few thinner spots, which is usually true of handspun but it's all soft and smooth, none of it came out wiry. I definitely want to spin more rambouillet very soon!


Anonymous said...

The socks are looking great!

Teresa said...

Great yarn! Love the color and am envious of your spinning.