Monday, July 02, 2012

Summer of Socks for the Win!

You may remember that last weekend I took my Yarn Pirate socks on some adventures. This weekend was no exception. My cousin and her husband are on the fair board for the Wadena County Fair. My mom and I went up to Wadena to hang out at the fair and attend the rodeo in the evening.

It was a wonderful day. We hung out with her adorable children and watched her son compete in the kids pedal pull event. He won 3rd place for his age group and got a trophy! He was so excited. We also saw all the animals including some fiber animals.

This lovely sheep is resting because it was ridiculously hot.(Don't tell her but she may not be a fiber sheep. I think she's a meat sheep. Shhhh!)
These alpacas were pretty apathetic too.

There was an amazing petting zoo where there were tons of animals to touch and feed that looked well cared for and happy (with the exception of a very scared Wallaby). There were miniature Zebu, deer, alpaca, llamas, baby potbellied pigs, several types of goats, and a Scottish Highland calf.

Since it was the first day of the Tour de Fleece (The spinning event that follows the Tour de France) I spun some of my Baby camel and silk next to the baby camel!

We took several pictures and I am making the least weird face in this one although it looks like I have about 12 double chins, please ignore that!

Here's a little bit closer shot of my mini spindle. I ordered it on etsy a good long time ago. It was very inexpensive and fits really well in my purse, that's why I had it along.

Finally, it was time for the rodeo and we settled down to watch. Me with my socks of course!

It's pretty hard to take pictures of a sock-in-progress and a bucking horse at the same time.

These pictures turned out pretty great actually. You can sort of see the sock and definitely see the rodeo!
It was a great, if hot time.(And I'm not talking about cute cowboys.)

I actually got quite a bit of my socks done and so, Sunday evening while hubby and I were critter sitting, I managed to cast off and do the afterthought heels.

So, here they are, finished socks. I'm very happy with them, although the foot in just a tiny bit longer than I would like, it's a little difficult to plan where your heel should go if you haven't done it before.
I really love them though and I can't wait until I actually feel like wearing socks again. I'll be pulling out a hibernating pair to finish now since it's weeks until I can start my next Summer of Socks socks.

I'll share more about my spinning adventures later this week.


Teresa said...

Nice socks! But not for now! Uggg, when will the heat wave break?

Kimberlyn said...

Oh, man. Now I am so ready for the Michigan Fiber Festival, but it's not until mid-August. I'll just have to wait...

Anonymous said...

I love the stripes! Plus, next time you'll know exactly were to do the heel.