Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reemerging from the Depths

Oops, a couple of weeks sort of slipped away from me there. Sorry! I have been doing some fiber pursuits but not a ton. I was in this play last week you see. It was very quick, we started rehearsals Monday and our first show was Wednesday, we did shows through Sunday and then basically collapsed.
Here are hubby and I in our costumes.

It's a little bit fuzzy, I'm sorry. We were at the historic Musser Mansion here in Little Falls. Hubby and I both said we miss the mansion. It was beautiful and so fun to spend time there. Hubby especially misses the books.

I did bring my drop spindle along. I've been working on this:

Isn't it lovely? It's Cloudlover as you can see. Merino/Silk 80/20 about 4.3 ounces. As I said, I'm spinning it on my drop spindle and I would guess I'm about half done. I'm planning to wind off the spindle soon so we can talk about that more later.

As you may also know, I'm participating in the Summer of Socks and the first month is over so it's time to cast on the second pair of socks! The focus this year is on Indie dyers/designers. This month the goal is to knit the Lotus Heart Socks from Zarzuela's yarn. Originally we were supposed to knit them out of the Chromatic Sock yarn base but her mill unexpectedly discontinued the base so she offered up a couple of other choices. I chose to purchase a skein of the Chromatic that was left off her website. It's called Sprout and I love it!

I found that the yarn (which is Superwash BFL) is a bit thinner than I'm used to so I'm knitting it on size 0 needles. This may be asking for trouble on a deadline like this but I'm still doing it.

The Lotus Heart pattern is absolutely lovely so far. You knit the cuff sideways then graft it together, pick up and knit down. I have only finished the cuff so far;

It's absolutely lovely. I'll be grafting it and picking up to knit down this afternoon. Unless I decide to spin. The tour de fleece really got me involved in my spinning again and I want to spin so much now. All the time.

Plus, I do have to make dinner at some point or the natives will get restless. Then there's the whole matter of needing to figure out what exactly I'm making for dinner, that's always an interesting question.

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Teresa said...

The mansion was a great place to have retreats. I miss it too! Lotus socks are coming along. Nice color.