Friday, March 16, 2012

Same Old but with a Twist

A few things have been going on this week, although none of them are super exciting. Remember the first Critter sweater?
Well, here it is:

On the little one! Yup. My kinda kid, makes a face at the camera.

Well, I finished the body of the other critter sweater today.

I'm still wondering why I knit the smaller one first but I'm glad the body is done. I do think they should reconsider the sleeve-length though. Well, okay, maybe not. A girl can dream though. Hah!
I will probably wait to pick up for the sleeves tomorrow when I can have the older critter try on the sweater first. Just as a double-check. (If it came out too big I will probably cry. Although she does grow like a weed.)

I also volunteered to do a test-knit. (I know, what is with me this week!)
I'm using this lovely stash yarn.

It's Artyarns Supermerino and it's lovely. The color is somewhere between the two pictures so I'm posting both. Look for something lovely knit from this soon.

See, like I said, nothing super amazing or exciting this week, just the norm. It's kinda nice for a change.

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