Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day

Today is March 14. That is 3-14 or the start of Pi. You know, 3.14, etc. etc. Yes, I know, I'm a total nerd. I'm completely okay with that.

Not much has been going on that's new. I haven't finished any more spinning and I haven't finished any knitting projects either. I'm spending most of my time knitting one critter sweater but something about it makes my right wrist hurt so I have to work on it in stages.

My spinning time is spent spinning some lovely wool that I got from a lady at spinning guild. I have spun about 11 ounces of the two pounds so far and plied it into about 440 yards of lovely 3-ply yarn. The trouble with this is that it's dark grey yarn, it's not easy to photograph (or very interesting to photograph) and that's not even mentioning that the 3 skeins are still damp from washing last night. The good news is that the 3 skeins are outside drying on the clothesline now.

Yes, it's that beautiful outside, the sun is shining in a lovely way and I'm enjoying it immensely. I'm not holding out hope that spring is actually here yet though, March can be tricky and make you think that it is Spring only to kick you when you're down. I refuse to believe it. I will enjoy it though. I'm going to head outside and do some spinning out there for awhile.

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