Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finishing a Few Things

The weather of course turned on me. It has now been cold and windy so I have not wanted to spend much time outdoors. Tricksy March is like that. Tease you with a bit of spring and then snatch it away just as you get used to it. Of course, not spending a lot of time outdoors is okay because more knitting tends to get done.

I finished one of my test-knits.

I happily introduce the Crescentina Shawl. This, as I said, was a test-knit for SimpleKnits. It will be available soon on her blog.

It's knit sideways in garter stitch and has a lovely lace edging that you knit as you go. I knit mine on size 9 needles (there are 3 size options) and used about 358 yards of ArtYarns Supermerino in Color 138.
When I first finished this shawl I was a little disappointed in the size. It seemed far too small for my taste but a good blocking proved enough to make it grow.

It's now a lovely 56.5 inches across the top and 17.75 inches deep. Just right for wrapping around your shoulders on a slightly chilly day like today has turned out to be. I just love it.

That's not all that I managed to finished though. I also finished the sweater for Critter #1.

I'm so excited to give it to her and also excited to have met my Easter deadline with this project. They are going to look so sweet in their little dresses with these sweaters on.

I've got a couple of other projects with deadlines and then I'm happy to report that my knitting can go back to being my own again. Remind me of this feeling when I think about signing up for more and more test-knits okay.

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