Friday, July 15, 2011

Monkeying Around

Last week was my nephew's first birthday. I decided it would be fun to make him a little something. A stuffed animal came to mind and so I set out to find something to crochet. I found this really adorable monkey pattern. They call him Monkey so I thought it would be perfect. I dug some acrylic out of the stash. It's been in there for awhile for a reason.

The monkey is made is a bunch of pieces so I got started and quickly whipped them all up.

I just love the pre-assembly pictures. It looks like a monkey massacre. Cracks me up every time. Then I started assembling. I have to say I found the assembly difficult. Sewing things on (and getting them exact and straight) with just a few fingers inside made it a real challenge. Many of my pieces ended up a little bit wonky but that adds to the little guy's charm. I used Safety Eyes to keep them from being a choking hazard but the other features are sewn on with black yarn. Here I present:

Monkey with Bananas

He does have a tail, it makes him sit up very well. I added the belly button and I'm so glad I did. My little nephew was beeping his belly button before we even left! He turned out very cute. I got to give him to my nephew and I guess he loves him. He snuggled him up that night and when he got up he wouldn't get out of his crib without him. I guess he's a hit!

I also finished my first project for Camp Loopy and it's blocking now.
What's next?

Mmmm, purpley. Wait and see.

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Teresa said...

That monkey is just charming! I quit making toys long ago due to the painfulness of assembly. Congrats on not giving up.