Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Meandering Through the Summer

I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged. I have been knitting away but keep forgetting to come check in and let you know I'm alive. Well, here I am. Alive and kicking.
As proof, I offer you my feet. In socks of course.

Here are my completed June socks. I love them so much I wish I could wear them now even though it's much too hot for socks right now. The pattern is Meander and the yarn is Mountain Colors Crazyfoot (The colorway is Apple Green and boy is it ever).
I bought this yarn last year while on a knitting retreat in Duluth with my AMAZING knitting group. We took a class together and spent a night in a hotel, staying up spinning and knitting. That's when I finished my Nightingale socks, with my lovely knitters around me. We of course had to foray into the wilds of the Duluth Yarn stores and I found this lovely green skein of yarn and knew it had to be mine. I thought the tight twist and subtle shading would lend itself very well to almost any pattern and so, I was very excited when I settled on Meander for this lovely yarn. I loved the knit, well, except for that part where I had to reknit a whole leg and heel because it was too small but my love of the pattern and yarn almost made me forget about that.

I crossed the cables on the feet in opposite directions so they will lean toward each other when worn. No one would probably notice it but me, but I love that they are mirrors now.

I finished them before June was done and found myself not reaching for July's socks immediately. Why?

Well, I joined Camp Loopy and this month's (well, starting July 15) goal is socks or mittens with cables. I thought, since Husbeast and I are busy with our play that I should keep my sanity and combine July's sock with the Loopy project. I found a pattern in my queue ready for Self-Imposed sock club that has cables and ordered new yarn (what a stretch, I know!) I'm currently waiting for it to arrive and knitting furiously on my first Camp Loopy project in the hopes of getting done on time. What is it?

You'll just have to wait and see.

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Teresa said...

Very nice. Love the color! and pattern.