Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victory is Mine!

I am triumphantly posting because,

these are my May socks. I actually finished them on Thursday. It's so exciting to have them done with plenty of time when I was feeling so much like they were hanging over my head like an axe waiting to drop.
Wow, it really says something about how unhappy you are with a project when you compare it to an axe huh? But it doesn't matter because they are done, done, done. The pattern is Spring Forward and the yarn is Sock Ease and I like the pattern a lot. I would definitely knit it again. I've used the yarn before and I think it's a decent hard-wearing yarn but I did not like the two together and I did not appreciate the ripping incident. I'm glad to see the back of these socks.

And, it gave me time this month to finally decide to finish these:

These are my lovely handspun socks and I sort of made up the pattern. I made them toe-up and knit from both ends of the ball of yarn to maximize yarn usage. I actually didn't use all the yarn though. I have lots left. I decided not to play the crazy game where you start knitting up the leg, trying to use all the yarn and end up with socks halfway up your calf that won't stay up to matter what you do so you never wear them.

These socks are my new love. I made the May socks larger than my feet so they can be a gift so I've been wearing these lovely handspun babies almost exclusively for the last couple of days. Who can help it? They are squishy and springy and lovely.

Tomorrow marks the start of the June socks but in the meantime, I'm going back to bed, I'm not feeling well and so, I'm staying in today. No Knit & Crochet night tonight and I'm not happy about it, it would be nice to get out but I'm opting for sanity and rest. Think healthy thoughts.


Cathiknits said...

Beautiful socks. You inspire me!

JennaKate said...

Great work!