Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Interesting Query

You get a blog post two days in a row?! Don't die of shock!

Today I'm winding some yarn to take with me to Knit & Crochet Night. I'm casting on the Felicity hat in this lovely Melena Yarn that was a gift from a friend.

(You can check it out in my stash if you'd like.)

The query I have come up with is as follows, what motivates you to knit something that you've had in your queue (Ravelry or otherwise) for awhile?

I was gifted this lovely yarn last winter, it's been sitting around since then. About a month after I received it, I decided the lovely drapey quality would work really well in this hat pattern but I haven't knit it. It's just a hat, it will be quick and easy so what's stopped me?

Why have I started it now? Well, someone who comes to Knit & Crochet Night (that I moderate and help with) wants to knit a slouchy hat and this pattern is perfect. I'm getting something knit that's in my queue and simultaneously helping someone else to work through the pattern.

So, why do you knit something that's been in the queue for awhile?

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Teresa said...

I've been trying to think of an answer. Mostly it is time for me, but why I choose a certain yarn over another - I'm not sure. Good question!