Friday, April 15, 2011

Knitting News

Hello beloved readers. When I realize how long it has been since I last posted, it makes me want to cry. I really do try but I seem to keep falling into bad habits and forgetting all about my poor little blog.

The project at the end of last post is indeed socks. They are the Naiad socks and they were a challenge. I'm not posting a picture of them yet because they are on time-out. Technically they were indeed finished during March and kitchener stitched all the way up the side of the sock. Yes, that's a lot of kitchener stitch. No, I don't want to talk about it. They were a little too long and I wasn't very happy about it but I decided to block them and take pictures for here anyway. Yeah, they grew. I'm very, very unhappy with them now. Hence, they are in timeout. Eventually they will probably be ripped back and reknitted but I need a break.

Instead I'm knitting diligently away on my April socks and I'm slowly but surely getting there. I'm not done with the first like I hoped to be by the middle of this month but I am still working and still have hope that they will indeed be finished. What's been keeping me from finishing you may ask?

Why Prince William of course. Our local paper is doing a story on this book and the wedding and people around our fair city have been asked to knit the various characters for this event. Silly me, thinking it would be a good advertisement for the classes I teach I thought I would volunteer and I am knitting the groom. I'm getting there but it has lots of little fiddly bits that take up more attention than my stuffed sinus self can manage sometimes. I often find at the end of busy days these past few weeks I am just zoned out in front of the TV rather than zoning out with my knitting. Hopefully, that will improve soon and I will have more things to show you.

Until then, Knit on!

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Valkryie Knit This said...

I can't believe you're doing William! what a lot of tiny bits. I knit a corgi. tiny, tiny parts!