Monday, February 08, 2010

Weather whether we like it or not.

So lately, we've had some REALLY interesting weather here. Its been snow, ice, snow, ice, snow, snow, snow. Today (surprise, surprise) we're getting snow. This means that I've been cold pretty much all the time until I get into bed. It also means that I'm pretty sick of it.
So, I started a pair of handwarmers. Fingerless mitts, whatever you want to call them.
Unfortunately, the weather will not cooperate with the idea of taking pictures of these works-in-progress. You will have to just wait and see I guess. I can tell you, it's very pretty purple yarn and it is very, very soft.

In other news, I was given about 30 boxes of easter egg dye so today, I'm dyeing some yarn. Just enough for one pair of socks...for now. I can't wait to show you that too!

Well, I'm off to get some things done. Like check my yarn in the microwave. Ever wonder what people think of us?

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Teresa said...

We are an odd breed. My BIL came over with a friend, Friend saw big pot on the stove and said "making soup?", my reply "no, dyeing yarn with Kool Aid". He didn't ask anymore questions!

Can't wait to see your dyeing results.