Friday, February 19, 2010


I've been trying to write my poor little blog more often and of course, this week I have completely disappeared. I honestly didn't mean to. I went down to my parents last week on Thursday evening to help with the Fish Fry at their church on Friday. Yeah, busy, busy day. 2200 pounds of fish and we ran out at 6:00 pm. Anyway, then I decided to stay a bit longer to get to visit with my grandpa on his 85th Birthday which was on Sunday. Yes, he is a Valentine's Day baby. His name is Valentine as a matter of fact. Val if you know him, he actually hates his name.

Anyway, I had a blast with my mom and the animals and then my brother came out one day and we had some outside winter fun. I usually do nothing outside in the winter so it was a blast. Made me not hate the snow quite as much.

Here's the parental's dog out in the snow. (Actually after I was gone mom said he would go outside, then come in and look all over for me. When I wasn't there anymore, he would go lay in his kennel to sleep.)

My dad on the snowmobile. Making faces at the camera. Of course.

Apparently the snowmobile wasn't enough because my brother brought out the 4-wheeler as well. It was hard work driving it though.

hee hee, obviously.

Look at how the snow flips up too!

And of course, the sunrise behind the trees because I just couldn't resist.

Otherwise, all I've been doing is Olympics Sweater, all the time. More on that later.

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Teresa said...

Looks like you need a plow for that ATV! Lovely sunset! Sometimes winter is so pretty and fun - especially when looking out from inside a cozy home!