Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today's Goal: Get caught up.

Yesterday was a kind of crazy day so I didn't get a whole lot of knitting in. I did manage to finish a Crochet project during crochet night but it needs desperately to be washed and blocked before it's ready for its blog debut.
Mostly I knit on my Lace Knee high socks. I still love them and so, it's going fast but right now, it just looks like a slightly longer leg than what you saw before. Oh well.
Today I plan to cast on my Rocky Butte Socks. I'm trying out some new (to me) yarn for my Rocky Butte socks and I am curious to see how it will turn out. I'm keeping it a secret until I know.
My other goal for today is to get my Ravelry projects page updated because it is getting ridiculous. I got a bit behind when we moved and it has only gotten steadily worse. Now I'm not sure I recognize most things on there so I've got to do something.
Well, I'm off to take pictures of knitting and yarn now.

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