Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lately, I've been feeling like I don't have anything new or interesting to share. I've been so busy with life stuff that I haven't picked up my needles or hook nearly often enough. I did promise that I would share what I was doing down at my mom's house so, as promised, here we go.

Last year at the after Thanksgiving sale, JoAnn fabrics had flannel on sale for ridiculously cheap. I had a pattern for Pajamas. I had made the pants before and liked them but mom and I got to talking about how you never seem to have enough warm pajamas in the Long Minnesota Winter. We each bought enough flannel for 2 pairs of pajamas and we finally got around to working on them. Here they are:

4 pairs of pajamas, no waiting. They have a sort of scrubs-type top, with a v-neck and long sleeves. The pants have an elastic waist and pockets. They are so nice and comfortable it's unbelievable. Plus, it was cold enough while I was there that I did wear them to bed one night.

For those not interested in sewing projects I present them with my current sock-in-progress.
And also Smokey the cat for those who are also not interested in knitting, although if you aren't interested in yarn, why are you here?

More about the sock when the pair is done. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for the weather to get chilly again so I can use these bad boys!

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