Tuesday, September 01, 2009

No fiber content

Why is it that I'm finding myself lacking in things to say here?
Work may be busy and of course the care and feeding of one of those husband things does take up time but I do find the time for a few rows of knitting now and again. I especially would like something warm to wrap up in when it gets cold again. Something that will be happening very, very soon if the other night is any indication.
Saturday night we went to the drive-in with another couple. It was fun. We bring lawn chairs and sit outside. Last weekend, we should have brought sleeping bags! It was so cold, I thought I was never going to feel my nose and toes again. Luckily it was two kids movies so it was over early and away we went. I actually managed to regain feeling in my appendages before we got home.
I think that's part of the reason why I'm not feeling the greatest this week.
I also may not have mentioned this before but hubby and I are moving. We fortuitously found a new place, when we weren't looking and it's bigger, nicer and near friends. We are busy, busy packing and getting ready to vacate our teeny apartment which I am finding myself somewhat sentimentally attached to. Oh well, life is all about change.
Okay, I'm back to the knitting. More on that later.

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