Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Lately I've been setting aside the knitting to do a little spinning. I had this wonderful tweedy sort of fiber from the friend who gave me the spindle (which I stupidly didn't take a picture of while it was still fiber) and I spun it up and navajo-plied it giving me this:

It's about 36 yards of a pretty darn even worsted weight and I love it a lot. It isn't really enough to do much but it's something and it makes me pretty happy.

Well, this same lovely friend was going away for awhile to get married and go on a honeymoon so she loaned me her wheel. Yeah, I know, this is a GREAT friend!

While I was over at her place picking it up, I bought a little more fiber since I don't have a lot of it and I kinda needed something to play with. A beautiful coil of yellowy roving. So pretty. I have a picture of the roving somewhere but I don't know where. So I'll just show you what I made with it.

I split the roving down the middle before doing anything and then I spun half of the first half on one bobbin and half of the second half on the second bobbin and plied it. It was a bit thicker than I expected. Somewhere between a sport-weight and a worsted weight with just a few extremely thin sort of overspun bits. (Its more difficult than you think to get used to a wheel.)

I got this beautiful yarn. I think it looks pretty good but I might be biased. It's about 100 yards so it's something that I could maybe do a little something with it. Plus, I still have the other half to finish spinning.

I may have actually cast on something with it but I'm pleading the fifth.

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