Thursday, May 07, 2009

Speaking of Finishing

I seem to be on a roll now that I finished those two pairs of socks. I think it just kinda broke my stall and on Tuesday at Crochet Night I managed to finish this:

It's the doily I've been crocheting out of the Bamboo Crochet thread I found.

I think it turned out really really well and I have it blocking now. So, here we go.

The specs:
The Yarn: Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Crochet Thread (Size 10)
The Hook: Steel Size 7 hook (1.65mm)
The Pattern: Peacock Pride from Leisure Arts book Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies
The Recipient: I'm thinking I will give it to my mom for Mother's Day but I'm not sure yet.
Notes: The Bamboo thread behaved really well and despite the fact that at some points I could see the individual strands, I didn't really have any problem with splitting. I would DEFINITELY use it again and I think that I would love to try it in some bold colors although they pretty much just carry pastels right now.

Well, I'm off to find something else to finish. Probably not in time to post tomorrow though.

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