Monday, May 04, 2009


This weekend was busy but I did manage to get a whole bunch done.
On Saturday I had to attend the bridal shower for my soon-to-be Sister-in-law. I still managed to finish a pair of socks:

These are the socks for our family friend Judy. They are knit out of a new to me yarn. Plymouth Sockin' Sox.

The specs:
The Yarn: Plymouth Sockin' Sox 60% Superwash Wool, 25% Bamboo, 15% Nylon, Color: 006
The Needles: US Size 2 dpns
The Pattern: Basic Sock Recipe
The Size: Ladies Size 7
The Recipient: Family Friend Judy E.
Notes: I knit these socks fairly short so her feet won't get too warm since she is always overwarm. Plus, she has pretty short feet so the feet of the sock are fairly short too.

Then, since we have been so busy lately, we decided to just spend Sunday at home.
I found a nice long marathon on the Sci Fi channel of all 3 parts of Stephen King's Rose Red so I watched that and knit.

It worked GREAT! Don't look at the scary part, knit.
I managed to finish these Monkey Socks. They are another gift pair.

These are intended for a friend of ours in California so they will get shipped off shortly.

The specs:
The Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Soy in color 2102 Hazelnuts. 49% Bamboo, 33% Soy, 18% Elastic Nylon
The Needles: US Size 2 dpns
The Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A. On
The Size: Ladies Size 8ish
The Recipient: Friend in California Sneha
Notes: Since these are for someone in California, I didn't want them to be knit of wool because they would be too warm. I think this yarn worked out well. The color is absolutely beautiful. The only issue I had was that it tended to be a little splitty. I think the act of knitting it tended to untwist it. It still worked very well though.

I had been feeling like I wasn't able to finish anything lately and I think it was (gasp) because I had started so many pairs of socks at the start of the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2009 that I was working a little on this one and a little on that one and wasn't actually getting anywhere on any of them. Finishing these two pairs makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere so maybe that will help. But, now I'm all prepped for Sock Wars so I'll be starting those soon.

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