Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wowza have I been lacking in blog content

So, I realized today that it's been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged.
Not much has been going on in the knitting world and what has, I haven't been able to take pictures of as the batteries in my camera have gone kaput and with hubby driving my van as his car is still waiting to be fixed after his deer crunch I haven't been able to get to the store very often and the two times I have been to the store it was a very, very quick trip on the way to rehearsal and so I forgot the batteries.
I finished the vanilla swirl socks yesterday which is good. I need something new and kinda bright to cheer me up because we have snow in the forecast again today. Uck! Don't they realize it's April?! We're supposed to get 7 inches today. How ridiculous.
In play news, tonight is opening night. Which is the only reason that I'm missing the Yarn Harlot in the Cities tonight. It's killing me. Although last night we had an audience because our underwriters gave a party and invited people. It's a lot of fun but exhausting. I could easily sleep all day but I don't. Hubby and I had our pictures taken in our fancy dress costumes. Hopefully I will be able to post the pic here because I think it will look totally fab.
In other news, today is the 10th and we are supposed to be moved to a new place by May 1. We don't have a place to move to yet and we don't have a lot of time as the show ends April 27, but we are supposed to be moved so posts will probably be light this month.

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