Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tonsils Be Damned!

So, I am sick again. Did I mention that a few weeks ago I had a double ear infection and was put on some kick butt antibiotics? No? Well, I was. For ten days. On the very last day I felt super. Then after I kinda felt icky and the last few days a nasty spring cold has turned its ugly head. I have snot and a sore throat (which makes it absolutely horrific to act and sing right now.) I have decided to blame my tonsils.

When I was younger I had strep throat three times in a year and it left my tonsils scarred and icky. They told me I would probably have to have them out if I got it again. I haven't officially had strep throat again but I seem to catch every little bug that comes along. I swear it's because of the tonsils.

Luckily USA has an NCIS marathon starting soon so I'll be in bed knitting and dozing to NCIS.


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