Friday, March 14, 2008

See Ya!

So, it's Friday afternoon and I'm packing a bag to go to my parents' house. Hubby and I are leaving straight from play rehearsal.
Here's the bag:
In clockwise order from top left we have:
1. The Schaefer Anne Socks. These are almost done and I think that I can finish them if I set my mind to it.
2. The Lotus Blossom Tank. I have just finished the first repeat of the Lotus Blossom Pattern. This has not stopped me from packing all the yarn and the pattern.
3. The Vanilla Swirl Socks. So far this is the most accurate picture of the colors in it. These are my Take-everywhere-cos-I-don't-need-a-pattern socks.
4. Barely Visible are the Tiger Eyes socks. These are close to done too but are fussy so they can't be worked on just any time.
5. Mittens. I haven't shown you these yet. They are kinda boring and may get frogged. I haven't decided yet but I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to knit.
No, I didn't pack the yarn first but as you can see, it has pride of place and takes up most of the room in the bag.
So, the question is: how long will I be gone?
Until Sunday.
Is it wishful thinking that I will be able to knit this much or am I delusional?
Good question.


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