Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

I always feel like Leap Day should be a special day that you don't have to work and you don't have to do anything you don't want, like a vacation day. It never works out that way but it would be nice.
I'm not working on anything new, I haven't finished anything and I don't have any pictures to show off. I'm just waiting for our new bed to be delivered. I am so excited. Our old one is horrific and I can't wait to get the new one. Plus, we are upsizing to a queen, which is good because my husband is not a small person and he takes up a good deal of the old one. Okay, I'm not exactly a small person either but he gets the lion's share of the bed and usually of the blankets too.
Hopefully I will have at least one new pair of socks to show off soon. It's difficult to find time for it now because my husband and I are busy every evening with play practice. Our local community theater is doing My Fair Lady and we are in it! Very exciting. I haven't been on the stage for 10 years! Hard to believe.
Anyway, hopefully I will be back with pictures soon. Until then, keep those sticks twitching

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