Saturday, May 26, 2007


So, you may be asking, what have you been doing lately? Here is a sample:

These are my socks in progress at the doctor's office.
This was prior to the surgery.
I had a picture of some other socks that were on a pillow, but they seem to have disappeared.

Meanwhile, I started some gorgeous Pomatomus socks.
Here is the first one to where the heel should start.

The cup is filled about halfway with some really strong coffee. I tend to agree with the Yarn harlot that when you are frustrated with the pattern, drinking a lot of coffee (or beer) helps you to figure it out.

Since it's eleven in the morning, I thought coffee would be safer.

It helped me to figure out the pattern.

Here is a close-up:

These were taken with my new digital camera. It's not a good one though, just a little cheapie, but it has gotten me started.
Now if I can just find out how to take some decent pictures with it.
I don't really think it's meant to take pictures of knitting. (Too close up)
At least you can sort of see the pattern in this pic.
The problem is that they won't fit. I absolutely cannot get them on. That's why they no longer have needles in them.
I have to rip it.
That's why the title of the post is "Sigh" I am frustrated. That's why I took a short break to come and post.
Anyone have some more pain pills? I may need them. The ripping is gonna hurt.

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