Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Halfway Through One Book July

I intended to get a knitting or spinning post up last week but it didn't happen. Then, I intended to get a Midori Monday post up and that didn't happen so instead I'm calling it a mid month post. 
I though I would do a little check-in on how I'm doing. Yes, I'm still in the Midori. Yes, I'm still using one pen, although I did write out a partial week using Coleto pens yesterday to see if the color coding system I usually use would work in my setup and help me be more organized. It was inconclusive so I'm back to one pen, for the time being at least. 
So, what's working?
I still have my main planner/journal book and I finally covered it with scrapbook paper since it was getting so beat up!
The calendar is still fine. I haven't added much to it. I usually write our work schedules on it as well but since there aren't colors to help me distinguish one thing from another, I decided to leave that off so I could focus on other things. 
The monthly chart is slowly but surely getting filled in. As you can see, some habits still elude me. 
Here's my completed first week in the midori. I was scared to 'use up' my notes space on the right, especially since I had made a big box for my Flylady stuff which I then didn't end up using, so I barely wrote anything. I like having an overview of the week, that part is great and I need to just get over my fear of 'using up' that notes page. I can always washi tape another sheet on as a tip in to make more room.
The second week is over too. I got a bit more bold with my use of flags and stickers and wasn't afraid to write something down if it needed it, although I still left a lot of blank space. That could be decorated later I suppose. A nice place for some washi tape? 
So, the weekly spreads I had been thinking would work are just fine. I missed having my food log like I was doing in my Filofax so I added a section for that.
This is near the back of the book and as you can see, I haven't totally found my groove with that either. 
Also, journaling is going really well. 
I would like to make a little more time for this but so far, it is enough to help with my anxiety, allow me a little creative outlet and make my midori even prettier. (Is anyone else as fascinated by a peek into someone else's journal as I am?)
Here's a peek at my forward planning page too. So far, not much on there. I haven't added birthdays or anything though so maybe I will do that. 
I do love that with one pen I can just grab my midori and have everything I need (since the pen is in my home made pen loop) there is no fiddling with a pen case or looking for the pen case for that matter. If I need to write something down, I just write it!
As you can see, I'm making my midori work for me, although I'm starting to think about next month and where I will end up. I like the midori for now but I'm not sure what the future will hold yet. 

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