Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lack of Ideas

After a big spin, or even just a focused spin where I'm trying to get a specific weight of yarn, I like to have a little palate cleanse. I pick something I have no plans for in the immediate future and just spin it "quick and dirty" as I like to call it. It usually comes out to about a 2-ply sport weight and I have lots of fun taking the spinning pressure off.
Today's spinning I really debated though if I should chain-ply it or two-ply it and ultimately, since I didn't have any plans for it, I decided to two-ply it, thinking I would have more options then.

It sure looks nice lying on the mossy grass of my back yard doesn't it? It did come up to be about a sport weight and I have 300 yards there. A nice, round number. But let's look a little bit closer.

Do you see all the barberpole-ing of the light and dark? In some fiber I like that and even fractal spin (split the fiber in different ways) so the colors will barberpole but in this case, I was thinking that I may add it to the Mitered Crosses Blanket yarn and with the contrast I don't know that it will work. In that pattern I really need contrasting light yarn and dark yarn and I'm not sure this will fit the bill with all the light and dark contrast in the yarn itself.

It isn't bad though. I do like how it turned out. Bouncy and soft but sturdy. I just have no plans for it. So, give me a hint. After I wash it, what should I do with 300 yards of sport weight two-ply handspun? Any ideas?


Hattie Tavares said...

No ideas, but it's pretty!

FrancesandtheBee said...

Oh, I love the barber poling, but I always do. Maybe a side-to-side project? I love the vertical look it gives. ???