Saturday, March 15, 2014

Slow and Steady

This week has been a little odd. I didn't feel that great for a couple of days and with the nice weather, (everything is finally melting!) I've been restless. I'm trying so hard to not cast on anything new but I'm not feeling a ton of love for any of my current projects either so I worked a bit on a few things and not enough to show off. 
One thing I haven't mentioned for awhile though is the mini spindle. I've been pulling it out for a few minutes' spinning here and there and I still really enjoy it. I'm spinning some absolutely amazing Into the Whirled fiber. It's Rambouillet in the colorway Captain Tightpants which is a Firefly reference. I'm really enjoying it and it's a nice break in between knitting.

The only trouble is that when you're spinning on a spindle like this, when you get stuck in the "boring" bits of color, you're stuck for awhile. I made it through this bit of brown now and I'm ready to remove the little ball the spindle has on it and start again. How exciting. It's a very slow process but sometimes with a lovely fiber like this, it's nice to take your time and really enjoy it.

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