Friday, March 07, 2014

Handspun Half Pi

I could resist the siren song of a new project no longer and I had to cast something on. Does anyone remember this?

It's a 2 ounce skein of chain-plied Rambouillet from Cloudlover in the colorway Maenad. I love it so much! I finally spun the second half as well awhile back and reunited them recently. (Somehow they had gotten separated and I couldn't remember where one was when I had the other one. I should really try to be more organized or something.)
I decided it was begging to be knit into a shawl and I wanted something a little different. I decided on a half pi shawl. I dug out my Elizabeth Zimmermann books and took a look at the pi shawl directions and made some decisions about how to make it a half pi. I'm sure there are instructions out there, sometimes I just have to work things out for myself (read: the hard way).
Then, I knit.

I'm on the second skein already, (It's really hard to take a decent picture of a half pi shawl on the needles. At least, once it gets to a certain size it is.) I absolutely love it. The colors aren't quite like this second picture, they're more like the first. The only thing I'm running into; I want to keep knitting, I'm afraid it won't be a very large shawl so I've put out a call on the Cloudlover Ravelry boards for more fiber if it's out there. Otherwise, I may have to beg dear Natalie of Cloudlover to custom dye some for me. In the meantime, it's a lovely, fairly plain project (I decided against a lace pattern in the plain sections so the yarn could be the focal point) and I'm enjoying knitting (or purling) away while reading.
I hope you have a great weekend and get some wonderful, quiet time to knit!

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