Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Chicken Fashion Show

I'm sorry for the long blog silence. I have spent a good deal of time lately dealing with some family things that have come up. I did manage to attend an amazing knitting event that I'd like to share though. A chicken fashion show!
We found a pattern for chicken sweaters on Ravelry and some of our knitting group volunteered to knit them up. Another lovely knitter volunteered her lovely laying hens for the show. We all gathered together and started off with some knitting time and delicious soup.

Thankfully the rain stopped so we could have our outdoor show. We had all the fashions ready.

The models were a little nervous at first.

First came Lily in her Argyle.

This was originally knit for the rooster who was then dispatched because he couldn't get along with the lovely ladies but Lily pulled it off. She did seem to have some trouble tripping on it during her "runway" walk though. Her feet kept getting stuck.

She did look lovely strutting her stuff though.

Next, Benetta was bedazzled!

She kept trying to eat the beads off her sweater but she looked lovely doing it.
Finally Margaux came out in her flowers, joining the other lovely ladies.

They sure do look lovely don't they?

And in the end? No one was any the worse for wear.

Although their sheep did think we were a bit odd.

 Overall, it was a very fun time and I'm so glad to have such great (if slightly odd) knitting friends!


The Enabling Cook said...

How cool!

FrancesandtheBee said...

This was so much fun! It's a wonderful group of people, isn't it? ... and animals. ;)