Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Slow Progress

I'm working hard on my Tour de Fleece goals. Saturday we had a great St. Cloud Knitters party and I got lots of spinning done. I'm really trying to keep up my momentum but it does take time.
I did manage to finish spinning my pretour fiber last night and today I plied it into yarn.

It's pictured here with my other spinning. The Zarzuela Targhee is started and I've been working on the Cormo/Cashmere batt I got at Shepherd's Harvest on my Russian Supported Spindle.
The yarn that's finished is that lovely purple though. It's chain-plied and I'm very happy to say it came out to be over 500 yards! I want to knit the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief in the Smitten Yarns KAL so I'm very glad to have this finished and drying so I can cast on soon.

It sure does look pretty in the skein though doesn't it? It is definitely a little over-plied but after a wash and twack it's drying very nice and straight so I'm not worried about curling.

It's handspun so of course there's some variation in the yarn but overall averages a light fingering weight and I adore it. The colors are much deeper and richer than in the photos but I just can't seem to get a photo of it that has the right colors.

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