Friday, July 12, 2013

Itching for Knitting

I've been really focused on spinning lately since it's the Tour de Fleece and I'm working on some lovely things!

Targhee from Zarzuela in Emeralds (that's the green), Cloudlover Shetland in Decay and on the Russian supported spindle, Cloudlover Rambouillet in Iris. It's just gorgeous stuff and I'm making great progress but I'm definitely missing my knitting time.
I managed to finish my Vesper KAL socks for June while down with family for the 4th.

Short socks are so great for the summer and this colorway, called Clover Kiss, reminds me so much of clover! I love them. The green is much brighter green than it's showing up here, much more like a clover green.
I did cast on my July Vesper socks but I haven't really worked on them in days and I'm daydreaming about knitting a sweater. Yes, during the 90 degree heat, I'm daydreaming about sweater-knitting. I did dig out my Multnomah and started working on it again, in the hopes that a bit of knitting after I'm tired of spinning for the day would be nice but it's not scratching the itch. I haven't cast on my Age of Brass and Steam yet either, the balled yarn is glaring at me right now. I may have to cast on my Monday Morning Cardigan like I swatched for awhile back, you know, just to take the edge off.

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