Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blocking or Warping

I decided to do a little blocking last night to see how my Gail shawl was coming along. I wanted to make sure I was liking the gauge enough to continue. The results?

I Love it. I think it's turning out lovely and I love that the bubbly little goofy knitting I was getting turned into this.

I love how magic blocking is and how good this lovely yarn looks in this pattern.

I may not be able to stop taking pictures of it.

I have now unpinned it and sadly set it aside temporarily because this:

Is a baby blanket I'm knitting. The lovely little baby was born already and I am lucky enough to be travelling to see her for the first time tomorrow after critter sitting (the baby in question lives with my cousin and her husband. She will for about 18 years.). I can't wait but I have a small problem. This is a square shawl from this book. (Feb. with all the baby stuff) and I figure with the gauge I'm getting that I would like each of the 4 sides to have about 200 stitches. I have 74 stitches per side right now. Plus, I'd like to do some sort of edging.

Anyone else see the problem? Yeah, I'll just be over here warping the time-space continuum.

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Teresa said...

The shawl is lovely. Very nice. Wow!