Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Knitting Update

I've been a super slacker on blogging this week. Mostly because I'm working hard on knitting my Lothlorien test-knit and it looks exactly the same only slightly longer.

Have you been on pins and needles to see if I finished the baby knitting on time?
I'm sure you were. Not really, but here's an update anyway.

Here are some adorable booties. The picture isn't great but I can't get my photo editing software to work so I'm stuck with whatever I get with the camera. I picked some super cute yarn and knit them up in a single day. The yarn I picked for the jacket is "similar" colors but not the same. What are the odds the mom will put the baby in both at the same time anyway?

Now, about that Baby Surprise Jacket

Hahaha, I love this step. It looks like a stinray. It is finished though. You can tell because,

Ta-Dah! It turned out super cute. I haven't actually gotten these gifts to the intended recipient yet though because I was still sick on Sunday and my hubby quarantined me so I would rest.

Now, here's a question. I knit the buttonholes into the little sweater but I'm thinking of gifting it sans buttons. I thought I'd leave it up to the mother if she wants buttons or not. What do you think?


Karen B said...

I put buttons on the one I made. Left it up to the mother whether or not she buttoned it.

Now I want to make one of those again. They are so addicting.

*snerk* my word identification was cozymacy.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking out your knitting things and they look totally awesome, you do a very good at this.

Julie Evans