Friday, April 09, 2010

Sunshine and Spinning make everything better

I keep meaning to post, I've actually been doing quite a bit of knitting but I never seem to get to it. It's really sad actually.
The Busy keeps catching me and I get involved in like 12 other things and don't get back to my poor, sad little blog.

I have to say though, everything is better when my view looks like this:

Ahhh, just seeing the picture makes me feel better.
I've been promising some picture of the yarn I've been having ever so much fun dyeing and finally, I'm going to deliver, since I finally just updated my ravelry project page and I'm too exhausted (mentally) from doing that to organize my thoughts here as well.
First, I dyed some Blueish Monochromatic yarn but I unhappy with the blue, it was very denimy and not rich like I imagined so I added some purple and dyed it again. I ended up with this:

I think its beautiful and subtle and I can't wait to find just the right pattern to knit with it.

Then, I decided to dye some yarn in rainbow colors since a friend from spinning guild has these very cute socks that are 2 rounds of white and 2 rounds of a rich jewel-toned rainbow color all the way down the socks. I sat next to her and couldn't stop thinking about them at all. I ended up with much brighter colors but I still think (once I start them) they will be beautiful.
The top of the skein:

The bottom of the skein:

The unwound skein:

I laid the yarn out just like shown here on plastic wrap and painted the colors onto it. Then I wrapped it tightly in the plastic wrap and put it in a microwave-safe dish folded in half with the yellow portion up on a little bowl to keep the colors from bleeding into the yellow too much. It turned out beautifully. I can't wait to start the socks but I have promised myself that I will finish a few projects first.

Finally, I wanted something nice and bright and springy so I picked out some yellow (which I wanted to be somewhat faded, it isn't at all though) and some tealy green and purple. I painted it onto the skein similarly to the rainbow yarn and came out with this:

I was so excited, I couldn't even stop myself from casting it on and ended up with these:

Its striping beautifully and I'm so excited to have such beautiful, bright socks for spring.

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Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

I love the yarns. Beautiful colors!