Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mastering the Art of The Mirror Self-Portrait, or not

Last week ended up being a crazy week, a trip down to see my parents for something ended up lasting several extra days. It didn't mean that there wasn't any knitting, just that there was less knitting. I had fun anyway and managed to trick myself into catching the cold I thought I had managed to avoid. Darn germs.
Anyway, when I finally returned home, I had to get some things done and return the house to its former state, which is to say: Non-Feral Bachelor mode. I'm finally (mostly) caught up with things and so, I'm getting back to posting and finishing up a few things. First, I did manage to finish my Malabrigo socks. They have technically been "on the needles" for a long time, although one has been finished for quite awhile and I just put it away for awhile. I finally cast on the second and finished them up last week.

The Specs:
The Yarn: Malabrigo sock. I believe the color is called Persia although I lost the label quite awhile ago.
The Needles: US Size 1 DPNs
The Pattern: Just a basic sock, plain stockinette with a heel flap.
The Recipient: Are you kidding? Malabrigo? These are for ME!
The Notes: I love the colors of this yarn. Some people I've talked to have mentioned that they don't like this yarn because it seemed splitty. I had no problems with that at all.

Then, I pulled out the Trekking socks I had been working on just before the Malabrigo socks. I thought I had finished them but somehow managed to miss a couple of ends that needed to be woven in and my rule is: They aren't finished until the ends are woven.
So here they are in their blog debut:

The Specs:
The Yarn: Trekking XXL. I have no idea the color. The label has gone the way of the dodo.
The Needles: US Size 1 DPNs
The Pattern: A Basic sock in a 3x1 Rib.
The Recipient: Me, I need a few pairs of basic, go with almost everything socks.
The Notes: The idea behind buying this Trekking was making basic socks that go with everything. While that was a wonderful plan, knitting these socks nearly put me off sock-knitting. That might partly be because I knit them while the world outside was roughly the same color as the yarn. And, although I haven't had this problem with any other Trekking I have used (and I have knit several pairs of socks from Trekking) I found many knots in this ball. If I had purchased it recently, I would maybe have considered bringing it back and exchanging it but it had rested in my stash for several years.

Since I've done so well with finishing things, I let myself cast on a couple of new things. First, a hideous pair of socks I'm knitting for my husband. I know he loves Blue but I just couldn't stand the thought of knitting a solid blue pair of socks for him so I bought another ball of a colorful yarn I thought would be manly enough and match. It doesn't really match, but I'm ignoring that. So should you.

They are coming along though.

I started another pair of socks but they are hiding in my purse and I don't have the energy to go pull them out and take photos right now so you will just have to wait.

Finally, remember when I broke down and ordered from Gritty Knits? I got a beautiful braid of Merino/Tencel Roving called Cabbage Patch.

It was so pretty that I couldn't wait to start spinning it and as a matter of fact, I barely stopped long enough to take a picture.
I spun it into singles and Navajo-plied it to keep the colors together.

I was so in love with the yarn, I wanted to knit it like crazy and couldn't decide what to do with it.

Finally, a knitting friend suggested Baktus I thought about it for about 20 minutes and then cast on. Well...

It came out beautifully but I still wasn't sure. It wasn't until some ladies at knit night suggested Severe! blocking that I decided to try it.

I wove in the ends and called it done. I love it and have worn it out in public several times already. Of course I attempted to take a self-portrait in the mirror so you could see how it looks on but none of the pictures came out. They were AWFUL as a matter of fact. Oh well, use your imagination.

Tonight is Crochet Night so I will probably get back into my Christmas Projects. Yes, you read that right, I have started my Christmas Knitting/Crocheting already. Don't look at me like that. More on that later.

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