Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I may have fallen down a little bit at Crochet Night last night.
So, last night I headed out for Crochet Night and I got to Crafts Direct early. Which is par for the course really, I hate being late so I always try to be early. I went in and started looking around at crochet books and then I happened by the magazines and I picked up the latest issue of Creative Knitting and flipped through it.
Of course you know how dangerous that is. I decided that I definitely needed to buy the magazine. Especially for one pattern called the Sunshine Cardigan. I looked a little closer at it
and realized that it called for a yarn called Country.
I thought, hmm, I think Crafts Direct carries that yarn and so I headed over to the aisle where I thought it was. Of course it was right there. It was on sale too. Only $3.98/skein.

I can't guarantee it but I may have picked out a gorgeous green and whipped enough skeins into my basket faster than you could blink.

It has been rumored that a gauge swatch has been knit too but I have no proof of that either.
I mean, I never knit sweaters with the actual yarn that the pattern calls for.

No, this does not mean that I have forgotten all the other projects awaiting my attention. I have been working on some stuff, I promise.

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