Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rain, Rain, go away.

I started thinking about why I don't have anyone (that I can see) reading my blog and I think it's maybe because I don't post often enough so my new goal is to post much more often. Therefore, yesterday, I saved some of my juicy tidbits for today.

You see, I've been on a dreaded "D" word lately. A yarn, d-d-d-diet. Ugh, it's even hard to type that. It wasn't an "official" thing, I just knew the expense of moving would be coming up and I also shouldn't have way more extra yarn to move so I have been strictly curbing my yarn-buying obsession. The result? I have been completely blah about my stash. Usually the only yarn I like to buy is my sock yarn unless I'm planning a big project so the only thing I really curbed was the sock-yarn purchases. It has been months and months since I allowed myself to freely buy sock yarn. (Okay, maybe it was only a few months. It just felt longer)

Well, I started thinking about it.
What do I knit the most of? Socks
What do I want to buy the most? Sock Yarn

So, last week, after our moving expenses were (mostly) sorted out, I lifted the sock yarn embargo. Today, I wanted to show you my new sock yarn. Then what happened? The weather didn't cooperate. It is grey and drizzly and icky today so there's no way to get a decent photo.

Whoo, it just lightning-ed. If I could only catch it just right, I could get a good picture. hee hee.

So today you will have to suffice to hear about this:

Hmm, pretty yarn, nice stitches but what is it? you ask. It's the Ogee Lace Skirt
from Interweave Knits Summer 2007.

I'm knitting it with Classic Elite Yarns Waterlily. Color: 1995 (purple). A beautiful extra fine merine with some subtle color variations. The issue that I have is that I have 4 skeins of 100 yards. So 4x100=400 yards.
The pattern calls for: 6, 82yard skeins. 6x82=492 yards. Anyone else see a problem?
I might just shorten it so I don't do another repeat but I really love the length so I might just add in another yarn. I haven't decided yet. Anyone have any thoughts?

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