Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am back in business baby!

Well, I'm definitely behind with my blogging but I am also back. We are (mostly) moved to our new apartment and while I spend all day unpacking, I can spend my evenings knitting and we've got our computer set up with the 'net hooked up so I can get back to my blog. Let's start with these:
They are Feather & Fan Socks from Socks,Socks, Socks. They are Trekking XXL Sock Yarn and while I love the yarn, I'm not entirely sure that I love that pattern with that color of yarn. I can't remember the number and of course since we have a ton of boxes, I can't find the ball band now. These have actually been finished for awhile and worn several times. That's how behind I am.

Then there's these:
Now, I'm using some of this yarn for my Arrr-gyles so I wanted to knit them fairly short. They are Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet and I am absolutely in love with this yarn! It's soft and just the right colors and absolutely gorgeous. It turned my sock needles just a little tiny bit pink so I am gonna wash these in some cold water with a dash of vinegar before they go into my usual rotation since I don't really want red feet. But I know these will soon be my favorite socks. I just finished them the other night and started up with my new travelling socks.

These are some Toe-Up socks that I'm knitting for my husband. Pictured last night on their first outing. To see a friend's band play. They are knit of Kroy Socks Jacquard. I think the yarn will be extremely durable but it's not the softest and nicest to knit with. Of course my bias might come from the fact that my husband has US size 13 feet and so I am dreading ever finishing these socks.
Not much else is going on on the knitting front. As I said, I'm mostly just busy unpacking box after box.
I would just like to add one more note before I sign off. It has been difficult for me to come back and face this page because every time I did, I saw my last post. My Pheebsie who passed on. It still hurts that he is really gone but I know life goes on and so my needles will continue to click away even though he's not there to try to chew my yarn. Thanks for your patience.

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