Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday and a ball of stress

Well, It's Friday. Shouldn't that mean it's a great day? It normally is. I mean, it's payday and it means the weekend is so close I can almost taste it. The trouble today? A new phone system at work. As the receptionist who answers all the calls, you'd think I would be given decent training. Of course not. I am given the same tiny bit of info as everyone else, but who do they ask when they have a question? You guessed it. Me. Oh well, the day will be over soon and then I have two whole free days to knit. You will have to pardon the lack of pictures as I am still in the process of working out how to get them up here. So far no luck. Suffice to say I will be working on a gray sweater. Said sweater is for my husband for Christmas, but it is by no means a surprise. We will be doing some travelling around the state with various activities going on and so the sweater will travel too. I tend to over-plan everything and so I have packed 3 skeins of the gray yarn that is the main body and two of the colors that will be stripes across the chest. There will actually be 3 stripes of other colors but I can't find the yarn I am using for the 3rd color. This is another story of frustration. Meanwhile do I really think I will need 3 skeins of gray and the colors for all 3 stripes? Probably not. I knit fairly quickly, but it's not like I'm a turbo speed knitter. I have to have it with me though, I am so terrified that I will run out of yarn and not have anything to knit the whole weekend! Not that I could run to the store or anything. I have a problem. When we were on vacation I didn't want to read my book too much because I only brought one and thought that I wouldn't have anything to read if I finished it. Again, I am weird. Oh well. I shall return Monday to tell the tale of the weekend knitting and hopefully have a few pictures to prove it.

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