Monday, October 30, 2006

And this sweater shall have sleeves

The gray sweater has one sleeve started. I have determined that it will not fit on my circular needles until it gets to the increases after the cuff. Hopefully then I can go round and round. The weekend was busy unfortunately, and not a lot of knitting got done. I did get the body of the sweater to the point where the sleeves will attach though. That's good news. I spent the day yesterday driving around the state of Minnesota to take my husband to work so I could have his car and then going to my mother's house. We had a fun time and then I had to go pick up hubby and go home. Busy but altogether wonderful and I am looking forward to much knitting time while watching television tonight. Hopefully by this weekend at the latest I will have at least a couple of pictures for anyone who reads this. Until Later. Hopefully with much more progress.

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