Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Half Done

I've been working away on my projects and I feel like I'm just not getting anywhere. 
I've got one finished purse sock.
One finished marl sock.
And a bobbin full of singles.
I was looking over these projects and thinking about all the work I've put in and it occurred to me. They're all half done. The reason it feels like I haven't made any progress is because I'm only  halfway through 3 different projects. 
All the work I've put in has been split, meaning nothing has that fun feeling of a finished object yet. I've cast on the second Marled sock.
Cast on the second purse sock.
And I'll be starting the plying on my singles soon. So I'm definitely making good progress but since I've been dividing my focus, it feels like I'm not getting anywhere. You know the expression "Well begun is half done"? That's what seems to be going on here. 
So, I guess I just need to keep going until I finish something and it will break that feeling of lack-of-progress. 
I should probably not mention the other project I cast on. That won't help with the half done feeling.

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