Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ashburton Beauty

As I've talked about before I had been working on spinning some Merino wool from Gritty Knits called Ashburton. I absolutely loved the colors which remind me of a rich, bold sunset so I handled the fiber in a way to keep those colors as they are, separate and beautiful. 
I spilt it the long way into smaller pieces then individually drafted each of them. I then spun them fine end to end. 
The roving split into pieces. 
On the bobbin.
This bobbin picture is when it was finished. It took a lot of spinning hours to spin it this way. I knew I wanted to chain ply it so I just kept going, spinning fine. 
I let it rest overnight and plied the next day. It's a good thing I was camping and had lots of spinning time because it took about 7 hours to ply!!
That is plied yarn going onto the bobbin! Doesn't it look great?! I love it.
The finished skein is a little overpriced, which is normal for me and I prefer that to under plied so I'm good with it.
I absolutely love the look of it though and the ply-twist did relax a bit in washing.
Here's a look at how fine it really is. 
These skeined pictures are from before washing, I wanted to show pictures of it washed as well but it was washed on Sunday morning and still isn't totally dry! The hazards of the spring rainy season, I guess. It's been so dark anyway that I don't know that I could get it to photograph well anyway. 
It really didn't change much in washing except the ply-twist softening a bit as I said and I'm very happy with the skein which is about 650 yards!! 
I can't wait to knit something amazing with it!

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