Friday, August 15, 2014

The End of Another Tour de Fleece

This summer has been a little bit crazy. I seem to keep setting goals and way overdoing my commitment to them. I set high goals for the Tour de Fleece, expecting lots of spinning time and I did have lots of spinning time. But when you're spinning lace yarns, it takes a bit longer to spin them. So I didn't finish everything. 
I finished the brown yarn.
I'm really happy this is all spun and hopefully by the time the weather turns colder, I'll be ready to knit it into something sturdy for the cold.
Then I worked on some of my other TdF goals. I got pretty far on some things.

I finished the Gritty Knits Rambouillet in La Grande Boucle and I finished the Cloudlover Organic Polwarth/Silk in Artemis. I also finished the Cloudlover Merino in Peacock.
Overall I'm decently happy with my finished products and I just need to get them washed and thwacked so I can knit lovely things with them.
Meanwhile, I've started a couple of new projects and I'm knitting away on them (mostly ignoring my spinning for now) but hopefully that means I can get back to more regular blogging.

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